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“SearchFlare helped us improve our competitive position in an ever-changing technology industry”


IBM is a multinational technology company that provides a wide range of products and services, including cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity solutions. As a leading technology company, IBM operates in a highly competitive industry. Our competitive intelligence project for IBM aimed to identify key competitors, analyse their strengths and weaknesses and provide insights to help IBM improve its competitive position.

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  • Competitive Intelligence

  • Data Research & Analysis

  • SEO Consultancy


Our primary goal for the competitive intelligence project was to identify IBM's main competitors, analyse their strengths and weaknesses, and provide recommendations on how IBM can improve its competitive position in the technology industry. Specifically, we aimed to identify areas where IBM can gain a competitive advantage and improve its market share.



We conducted extensive research on IBM's competitors, including their products and services, marketing strategies, and financial performance. We used a combination of primary and secondary research methods, including competitor websites, industry reports, and financial statements, to gather data and insights.


We analysed the data using a SWOT analysis, which helped us identify each competitor's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We also conducted a market analysis to identify trends and opportunities in the technology industry and to provide insights into potential areas of growth for IBM.

The Results

Our competitive intelligence project provided IBM with valuable insights into its competitors and the technology industry. Here are some of the key findings and recommendations:

Key Competitors: We identified key competitors that offer similar products and services as IBM.

Strengths: We identified IBM's strengths, including its strong brand recognition, its wide range of products and services, and its expertise in the technology industry.

Weaknesses: We identified IBM's weaknesses, including its slow adoption of new technologies, its outdated marketing strategies, and its high costs.

Opportunities: We identified potential opportunities for IBM, including expanding into emerging markets, partnering with other technology companies, and investing in research and development.

Threats: We identified potential threats to IBM, including increased competition, changes in government regulations, and economic downturns.

Based on our analysis, we provided the following recommendations to help IBM improve its competitive position:

Adopt new technologies quickly: IBM should be more agile in adopting new technologies to stay competitive in the industry.

Update marketing strategies: IBM should update its marketing strategies to appeal to a broader audience and stay relevant.

Reduce costs: IBM should reduce its costs to stay competitive in pricing.

Expand into emerging markets: IBM should explore opportunities to expand its business into emerging markets to drive growth.

Invest in research and development: IBM should continue to invest in research and development to maintain its expertise in the industry.


Our competitive intelligence project provided IBM with valuable insights into its competitors and the technology industry as a whole. IBM are self-confessed dinosaurs when it comes to evolving. With our data insight, they will be able to make much more informed decisions going forward and we look forward to continuing to work with them to keep ahead of the curve.