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On-site SEO London.

Imagine a website with every single page optimised to offer the best possible experience to your users and streamlined to deliver the very best data to search engines such as Google.

In a nutshell, that is exactly what on-site (or on-page) SEO is all about. It is the first and most important step towards improving your site’s ranking and helping your clients to find you. It isn’t surprising then that so many businesses choose SearchFlare to start building their SEO foundations.

Semrush certified agency partner badge
Semrush certified agency partner badge

How Can On-Site SEO Services Help You?

The upgraded website that comes as a result of our on-site SEO will do lot more than impress search engines such as Google. It will also save you a massive amount of time and/or guess work into what to check, what to change and where on earth to start...

Carrying out an on-site SEO audit is no small feat, but our specialist team have the industry-leading experience and disciplined skill to fine tune, upgrade and polish your site to make sure outperforms the competition and is it is ranked where it deserves to be.

Search Flare On-Site SEO Services

Our on-site SEO services are designed to impress, and even if things have gone wrong in the past, we can be there when you need us...

From time to time, things inevitably go sideways... Algorithms change, updates are rolled out and the goalposts never stay still in the world of SEO. We keep our fingers on the pulse, we wait for every update, trawl the internet ourselves to learn about their content and see who has been affected and why.

If your site has recently seen a drop in rankings, a fall in numbers or a change in responsiveness, we can help. We can identify the problems and give you all the help and support you might need in recovering as quickly as possible.

What is On-Page SEO?

Every business is different and every website is unique. That makes our approach unique too!
We’ll collaborate, communicate and innovate of course; those are the principles on which are service thrives, but we also know the common factors that make good on-site SEO housekeeping.


The coding your site relies on is one of the key ways you can make it easy to understand for search engines such as Google.
Other factors of an optimised website, such as meta tags, alt text, URL structure can then all be used as more powerful tools to boost your ranking by incorporating more keywords and delivering clarity to the structure and content of your pages.
Coding is not for the faint of heart, that’s why we are here, to explore the deepest regions of your site’s code and tweak them to perfection.

Page Content

Search engines recognise great content and reward it accordingly. If your site is being indexed by Google, then expect the words on every page to come under scrutiny.
Choose them carefully, they need to offervalue, they need to be authoritative and trustworthy and they have to be engaging, while carrying the important keywords and links to other pages and content that offer the same.
We can offer help and advice around the content on your page; we can also deliver the professional content writers that can make it shine brighter than the competition.

Meta Tags

Meta tags convey important information about your page; as such they are a big factor in good on-site SEO.
Meta tags are the vital link between your page and its ability to find the right people based on keywords.
Enhance them well and you’ll get more clicks and taps, choose the right words and those clicks and taps will be from people who are looking for the exact things you want them to be.

Loading Speeds

Few things ruin a user experience more than a slow page...

Page speeds are one of the foundations of a good user experience and one of the things that Google checks when they crawl your site, and they are not known for their patience. If the process takes too long, they’ll leave and the page won’t be indexed.

Internal Links

It makes perfect sense to direct your leads to another page when they are finished viewing the one they are visiting.

It could do much more than keep them on your site longer, it can encourage them to sign up, make a purchase or look at alternative products or services.

Like crowd control, search engines will seethe links and understand that your page is important and you’ll reap the benefits of greater engagement, more leads and a higher number of clients.