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Google Penalty Recovery. Relax.

Sudden and noticeable falls in organic search rankings mean that something has gone wrong and as a result, someone (a Google employee) or something (an algorithm) has penalised your site for it. Some of the biggest organisations and the most popular websites have been hit with them in the past and it is important to remember that recovery is possible. Let's get started.

Semrush certified agency partner badge
Semrush certified agency partner badge

Manual & Algorithmic Penalty Recovery

Manual penalties come from the search company themselves, such as Google’s spam team. These can often be easier to ascertain as they trigger notifications in Google’s webmaster tools offering important information about what has been judged to be wrong.

Penalties resulting from an algorithm update take a little more work to unearth and understand and this is where our close work with Google and the SEO industry pays off. It isn’t always easy to disseminate exactly what changes Google make when they roll out algorithm updates but we always make it a priority. So when we work with a partner who has seen a sudden issue with their rankings, we already know what to look for and where we might find it, saving you and your organisation time and money.

Why have I got a Google Penalty?

Good question and we can answer it faster than most. Here are some of the most common issues:

· Backlinks from sources outside of your industry or too many to begin with! (Issues relating to backlinks are the most popular reasons for search engine penalties)

· Duplicate content from other websites that hasn’t been created by a trusted source

· Outdated or inaccessible XML sitemap data, meaning Google cannot understand your website’s architecture

· Overusing keywords at the expense of content quality & choosing keywords that are known to be linked to spam sites

· Camouflaged links, even if well meaning. Google will see them as suspicious

· External links that are outdated or no longer functioning

· Slow site speed

· Poor mobile optimization

· Error codes and redirects

Penalty recovery can be a stressful and upsetting task, especially for smaller and medium sized businesses who feel like years of hard and careful work have all been for nothing. But recovery is possible and we work intelligently and diligently to make sure it happens.

Our Process for Penalty Recovery

No nonsense and no drama, something has gone wrong and our job is to put it right.

Our mission is to get your website back to where it deserves to be, our goal is always to help it rank even higher than before.

Our penalty recovery service team have already helped thousands of clients to understand and overcome unexpected penalties and sudden falls in search rankings. Relationships like that last the test of time and give us a real sense of pride in our services.

Our process starts with diagnosis. Sometimes the reason for a penalty is obvious, it might say so right there in the toolkit Google gives webmasters, but other times, especially for penalties given after an update it can take a great deal of detective work to uncover and resolve.
When we know the cause we can start working with you to formulate a plan of action.

Recovery is always possible, but not always immediate and sometimes patience is needed. We won’t make false promises or bombard any client with technical jargon. Honesty and transparency are vital parts of our culture with no guesswork or false promises.

Our recovery plan will be thorough and it will put things right.

When the recovery plan is set in stone, we can execute it. If the issue is duplicate content, we can help transform it into something original and engaging. If there are issues with backlinks we can put the work in to get them removed, either by the site itself or directly with Google. As for other issues such as mobile optimisation, redirects and slow loading speeds, we have the team and the talent to help with those too.

The effort will be more than worth it when your site gets the traffic it deserves and reclaims its spot in the rankings. Search engine penalties can be difficult to deal with, but they can be dealt with. At Search Flare we know, because we do it all the time.