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Technical SEO London.

Technical SEO is all about rolling out the welcome wagon, making your website as accessible as it can possibly be and making sure all the creature comforts that search engines such as Google insist upon are present and working as intended. Let's get started.

Semrush certified agency partner badge
Semrush certified agency partner badge

Doing this enables Google to find your site, to understand it easily and reward the quality content that you have to offer. The payback, in terms of ranking higher than your competitors is worth having...
Even the very best, unique and trustworthy content on your site has no value at all if a search engine struggles to understand and index it. Technical SEO is all about making sure your site find sits way to your audience in the easiest way possible.

At Search Flare we love Technical SEO, it gives us a chance to help you achieve goals, set others you might not even have imagined and really get the most out of your SEO investment. Just like you, we are driven by results and thinking outside the box to deliver them in ways few others can match.

What is Technical SEO?

There’s more to a website than dreaming it up, creating it and publishing it.

Optimising it is just as important, perhaps even more so! If the core elements of your site work as well as they possibly can from a technical point of view, in line with the requirements and recommendations set by search engines such as Google, then it’ll get crawled, rendered and indexed successfully and rank as highly as possible in search results.

If Google can’t do those things, it won’t keep trying and your site won’t appear in their search results, or if it does then its ranking won’t be optimal.

That makes Technical SEO a serious priority to ensure the foundations are set for optimal performance in search engines. Decide against it and all the investment in the world won’t yield the long term results you need. Just like a house built on sand...

Search Flare Technical SEO Services

What does a technical SEO service involve and why use us?
Technical SEO fits perfectly within many other core aspects of search engine optimisation, link building and even marketing and digital PR.

There’s a good reason for that, because all your efforts in those fields will count for nothing if your site isn’t crawlable by search engine such as Google.

That is why technical SEO is the most important component of the effective strategy put in place to ensure your site is high performing, SEO-friendly and compliant with the things Google says are important. In principle, what we do is simple...

We make sure every website we lay our hands and minds on is SEO-friendly, compliant and performing at its very best by putting right things that might not be quite right or rectifying past errors and outdated practices. There’s no other way to give your site the chance it deserves to be seen by as many people as possible. Our technical SEO service involves a complete site-wide audit, to pinpoint minor issues, fundamental ones and everything in between. We’ll fix them and we’ll explain them to you in plain English along with the solutions we provide. There is no better way to earn trust and peace of mind in a professional service that empowers your website to perform to its full potential.

Search Flare Technical SEO services include:

Optimisation & Site Audits

Everything that matters is included in our site audits, from caching and indexing to URL structuring, crawlability and location signals.

We love the fine details, so we’ll also prioritise issues based on visibility, impact and severity, with efficiency, positivity and collaboration as standard.

Big launches and Site Migrations

New businesses, exciting new websites and existing brands moving over to new domains all benefit from professional, technical support at every stage.

We can be there, with the strategies and our unique brand of support for pre-migration, during and post-migration to ensure your site performs optimally and your visibility in search is kept tip top!

A Faster Site

Users hate a slow site, but so do search engines. That’s why loading times are a major ranking factor and why we know every trick in the technical SEO book to review your site speed and help you make it faster!

Core Web Vitals

Responsiveness, speed, interactivity, these are all properties of a well ranking site. Google take a magnifying glass to each one and score them stringently.

We understand Core Web Vitals, and we know the solutions and options you can take to improve them over time.

Mobile optimisation

With the rise of mobile devices came the need for websites that look and feel just as good on smaller screens as they do on large ones.

If the mobile version of your site isn’t delivering a great user experience for your audience, let’s change it for the better. Your audience will like you for it and Google will love you for it!

Penalty Recovery

Google’s core updates are a constant work in progress which inevitably means that things change over time.

Shifting goalposts can catch even the most diligent SEO’s out, that’s why we are on the ball for every update to help you diagnose new and unexplained issues such as lost rankings and put a strategy in place to get you back to where you want to be in the search rankings.