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Businesses investing in organic search expect to see results. At Search Flare our SEO consultancy makes sure that happens.

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Semrush certified agency partner badge

The problem

The world of organic search is one that moves pretty fast, if you’re not moving with it then you’re probably moving backwards as the competition eases past.

An expert strategy allows you to overcome challenges before they become obstacles and make the most of opportunities for growth that many simply miss out on.

SearchFlare are organic specialists.

Combining time proven strategic approaches with a flair for thinking outside of the box and our SEO-obsessed team of consultants won’t just help you to capture organic traffic, they’ll empower you to convert it too.

For us, consultancy means support. We don’t do what we do remotely, behind closed doors. We support you by your side to reach where you deserve to be, whether your internal SEO team is small or large, full-time or a single shared role, our reputation relies on the quality of our consultancy and the time-proven results that come as a result.

Search Flare SEO Consultancy Services

Our support covers every aspect of SEO, including content marketing, link acquisition and enterprise level technical SEO.

You may require SEO consultancy on a retainer basis or as part of a complete project, we work with clients across the world to deliver results that surpass expectations.

Every step of our SEO consultancy is delivered by a team who aren’t just leaders in their field; they also love what they do. We take a great deal of pride in offering a bespoke service aimed at delivering results.

No jargon, no gimmicks, just a specialised and talented team, in your corner right when you need us to offer help and advice on things such as:

Content & Keyword Recommendations

If your website is the beating heart of your business, then it’s the keywords you choose that are its soul! Your audience is already searching for you; you just need a clear view of the words they are using to find you.

We can help put a clear strategy in place to help you climb the ranks based on those keywords and terms. Maximizing your impact online and climbing head and shoulders above the competition.

Analysing your Marketplace

A successful SEO strategy relies heavily on a solid understanding of your marketplace. That takes market leading tools for analysis and intelligence, but it also takes the right humans too.

Our humans are award winning, devoted and love to explore avenues that other, lesser humans might not even consider; that is real disruptive SEO. We’ll even analyze your competitors to deliver insight into what might be working better for them and why.

SEO Auditing

You might already have an SEO strategy in place and implemented. We can audit it, to make it work even better.

If there are areas that work well, we’ll highlight them, if there are parts that could perform better, then we’ll make sure they do. As standard, we’ll also provide help and advice around opportunities for growth and the ways you can make them work for you.

Technical Strategies

Delivering value and a positive experience for your website visitors is incredibly important for search engines.

The technical side of things might be a dark art to some, but for us it’s a big chance to show exactly what we are capable of. We love to offer help and support on technical improvements, both through the search engine results pages and on your site itself.